Captain Granville Henderson Oury

SCV Camp 1708

Granville Henderson Oury was born in Washington County, Virginia on March 12, 1825. He came to the Arizona Territory in 1856 with his brother William.

Granville was a mine owner, attorney, judge, and businessman.  He was a Territorial Delegate to both the United and Confederate States Congress from the Arizona Territory.

Oury enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 serving in Captain George Frazier’s Company of Rangers. He regiment was also known as Company B, Herbert’s Battalion, Arizona Calvary.  When Frazier was promoted to Major of the Battalion, Oury was promoted to Captain of Company B.

In July of 1862, all of the Confederate Troops were out of Arizona and serving principally in Texas and Louisiana serving in the Bayou Teche Campaign.  Oury resigned his commission and returned to Arizona,

Upon his return, sometime in 1863 in married his cousin, Malvina, “Minnie”, Sanders.

On February 14, 1864, Oury and thirteen other men met in San Antonio, Texas to plan to retake the Arizona Territory. He took part in the rest of the war in Confederate Government in Exile.

In 1864 and 1865 he also served as a spy in Matamoros, Mexico and later as the Texas Provost Marshall.

At the succession of hostilities in 1865, Oury took the Oath of Allegiance in Tucson.

Oury served in the Arizona Territorial Legislative Council in 1886, 1873, and 1875, even becoming the Speaker of the House.  He was appointed the Attorney General in 1869. Later he was also a delegate to the Democratic Convention in 1884.

Oury died of throat cancer on January 11, 1891 in Florence, Arizona.  He is buried at the old Adamsville Cemetery.