Col. Miles Hicks Vernon

By Jim Gibson

Born 1786 in Seiver County TN. Col. Vernon was with Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans, after the war he was an escort of 1000 Indians from GA to OK. He passed thru Southern MO and returned with a wagon train in 1839. In 1835 -36 he was a state Senator in TN.

He settled in what is now Vernon County MO, then moved to Lebanon, MO. He was a state Senator in MO also and was present at the Secession of MO from the Union.

He joined with General Price about the time in 1861 at age 64 at the Battle of Wilson Creek. He went south to Texas with General Price for the remainder of the war. After returning to MO he was arrested by the Yankees and died of pneumonia at the Union concentration camp in Rolla, MO at age 69.