How do I post my Confederate hero’s story?

Go to the SUBMISSION PAGE and complete the form provided. You can upload your photographs and files. After payment please allow up to 5 business days for online posting.

How do I find my story once it is posted online?

Stories are posted by state. Click on the state in which your hero took part in the Civil War.

Where does my submission payment or donation go?

Your submission payment of $6.00 provides $5.00 to the restoration of cemetery and battlefield restoration and $1.00 for the maintenance of this site.

Can I upload videos or podcasts to my posting?

At this time we are only accepting text and photos for stories. If there is high demand for videos or podcasts we will consider offering that option.

How can I make changes to a story I have already submitted?

Go to the Contact page and outline the edits you would like to make to your story. Be sure to provide your name and the state in which the story is posted. Minor edits will be made at no cost to you. Major edits may require additional fees and you will be contacted prior to the edits being made if this is the case.

How many stories can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit. A $6.00 donation is required for each story.

What is SCV Camp 1708?

SCV Camp 1708 is a patriotic, historical and educational society of the male descendents who served in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America, it is non-political, non-sectarian and does not promote or condone any ethnic or racial agenda. The purpose of the SCV is to preserve and protect the history and heritage of the Confederate soldier and to see the true history of the Civil War is passed on to future generations.

Why should I donate through your website instead of directly to a monument or battlefield restoration site?

100% of donation funds made to the SCV Camp 1708 (less PayPal fees) are dedicated to the restoration of Confederate monuments and battlefields. There are no administrative costs or hidden fees to dilute your contribution.

Who should I contact with suggestions for additions or changes to our website?

Please use our Contact form for your suggestions.