George Washington Taylor

By Danella Dickson

George Washington Taylor was born April 25, 1840 in Mississippi, the son of George Hiram and Keziah Euphronius Seay Taylor. The family moved from Mississippi to Carroll County, Arkansas between 1850 and 1860.

George Washington Taylor married Rachel Sneed about 1865 in Carroll County, Arkansas. The couple was the parents of seven children and made their home in Carroll County.

In July 1901 Rachel Sneed Taylor filed an application for a Confederate Widow’s Pension from the state of Arkansas. In the application Rachel stated she was the widow of George Taylor who had served as a soldier in the Army of the Confederate States, being a member of Harold (Harrell’s) Regiment of Cavalry from the state of Arkansas; that he was honorably discharged about May 1865. She further stated that she did not own property, real or person, in excess of the value of $400.00 and that her husband died after the close of the war. As proof of service sworn statements from William Usrey and Joe Bishop.* were included. Both men verified that George Taylor had served in Company A, Harold (Harrell’s) Regiment, that he had served from the spring of 1863 to 1865 and was honorably discharged. The application was approved by the state pension board for the specified amount of $50.00 per year.

George Washing Taylor is reported to have died about 1881. That same source reported he went through the Civil War without getting a scratch only to die when thrown from a horse and hitting his head on a tree stump. George is buried in the Taylor Cemetery, Carroll County, Arkansas. Rachel died November 9, 1917 in Carroll County and is buried beside her husband.

Note – Sgt. William Ussery and Cpl. Joseph W. Bishop both served in Harrell’s Battalion Arkansas Cavalry. This company first served in 3rd Adam’s Regiment Arkansas State Troops which was disbanded and the men transferred to the command of Gen. Cabell of which Harrell’s Battalion was a part. There is no record of a unit called Harold so it seems the name was mis-spelled on the application.
No military records have been found for George Washington Taylor, the pension application is the only source of information.

Courtesy of J.B. and Ramona Roberts