Jemimia Hancock

By Shelly Decker

Jemimia Hancock was born in Tattnall County, Georgia on January 17, 1821 to Cadar and Penelope Newman Hancock. They soon moved to the village of Alligator Town, now Lake City Florida. It is interesting to note Cadar’s aunt was Judith Hancock the wife of William Clark, of Louis and Clark fame and the Judith River in Montana is named after her.

In 1837 when Jemima was only 16 she married William H. Brooks, my Great, Great, Grandfather. He was a Third Sergeant in the 1st Florida Reserve, enlisting when he was 54 years of age. He and Jemima had several children together, but were divorced in 1857. And it was under William H. Brooks, I enlisted in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

On September 24th 1857, she married 24 year old John Parrish of Fernandina, Florida. I do not know when their marriage ended nor whether it was by divorce or upon his death. He enlisted in the 11th Florida Infantry Company I, in May 1863. I haven’t been able to find anymore on him after he joined up.

However, she married again! Her third Confederate Husband was Noah Cason, born 1845 in Columbia County, Florida, who was in the 7th Florida Infantry Company I, and died of the measles in the hospital in Chattanooga in April of 1862 or 1863, two different dates are recorded.

Granny Jemimia died March 30, 1900 in Clay County, Florida and is buried in the Decoy Baptist Cemetery north of Bostwick, Florida.

I have always found it interesting her first husband was 9 years older than she, but her second was 12 years younger, and her third was 24 years younger. She sure must have been some woman.

So often we forget that war was against the entire South, military and civilians alike.