Private Runnell A. Huey

By Curt Tipton

Pvt. Runnell A. Huey enlisted in the 19th Tennessee (Biffle’s) Cavalry in Columbia, Tennessee in August, 1862. The 19th Tennessee was part of the Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Cavalry. Runnel took part in Forrest’s campaign in western Tennessee in the winter of 1862-63, including the Battle at Parker’s Croosroad.

He was at Chickamauga and took part in the campaigning following Braxton Bragg’s loss at Chattanooga. General Forrest mounted another raid into western Tennessee that winter and the 19th Tennessee took party. Private Huey also fought at Brice’s Crossroads and at Fort Pillow.

The 19th Tennessee surrendered in May, 1865 in Alabama. After the war, Runnell married Aurella Moomaw and settled on the family farm near Fort Smith, Arkansas. He and Aurella had 13 children. Runnell was active in the United Confederate Veterans Camp in Fort Smith. He died in 1899.