Pvt. A.D. Wallace

By SCV Camp 1708, Scottsdale, AZ

Private Alfred Dashiel Wallace was the son of Dr. R. N. Wallace who was born in Kentucky. There is no known information about his mother’s first or maiden name or her vital information.

Alfred Dashiel, who went by A.D. was born in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1841 and died on February 5, 1926. He died in Courtland, Arizona. He was buried in Douglas, Arizona. He was married to Lulu Ward Wallace. His dual occupations were of college professor and farmer. As an adult he was five feet seven inches with fair skin, blue eyes, and had dark hair

During the War Between the States, Private Wallace served in Company B, 1st (Field’s) Tennessee Infantry that in 1865 became part of the 1st Consolidate Regiment of Tennessee Infantry.

Scant information about his regiment exists besides its formation and consolidation. However, Pvt. Wallace became a prisoner of war during some early part of the war and was later paroled in Gainsville, Alabama in May of 1865. He surrendered in Meridian, Mississippi and took the oath of allegiance on June 6, 1865.