Pvt. Hugh Bell

By Kent Worley

The 7th Infantry Regiment was assembled in September, 1861, at Camp Burnett, near Clinton, Kentucky, with men from the western section of the state.

Plan de Baton Rouge en 1862

Plan de Baton Rouge en 1862

Pvt. Hugh Bell eagerly joined the unit when the War Between the States Broke out. This regiment reported 14 casualties at Baton Rouge, then was assigned to Rust’s and Buford’s Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. It was active in various conflicts around Vicksburg and Jackson and during the spring of 1864 was mounted and attached to General Lyon’s Brigade in Forrest’s Corps.

The unit saw action in the expedition from Memphis into Mississippi, June 1 – 13, and reported 39 casualties. During July there were 73 disabled at Harrisburg. Later it skirmished in Alabama and surrendered on May 4, 1865.

The field officers were Colonels Edward Crossland and Charles Wickliffe, Lieutenant Colonels William D. Lannom and L.J. Sherrill, and Majors H.S.Hale and W.J.N. Welborn.

After being paroled, Pvt. Bell soberly returned home and resumed the duties of his farm and family.